Fat’s in the fire, my dears. We have a few brief hours left of national dignity and respect for commonwealth and diversity, and then the real work of democracy begins.

Last weekend there was a three-day ice storm in the Pea Patch. Ten years ago, a similar storm brought FEMA to assess extensive damage and help fund restoration. This year, as ice began to coat roads, trees and power lines, as people tucked in with survival supplies, the wind became calm for the first time in months. My whirly-gig out front was at a standstill. for thirty-six hours, we held our breath — a microcosm, a reflection of the national moment, of the world dilemma.

With only hours to go before this nation falls into the hands of a surly, petty and vindictive plutocrat and his army of self-serving, for-profit foot soldiers, what seems to WORK to put a hitch in their giddy-up is good old-fashioned protest, the kind that shows up at the door and demands answers to questions gone ignored. Questions like, “What is your plan to replace Obamacare and protect the 32 million Americans that are due to lose healthcare if you proceed with your determination to de-fund?”

We’re seeing a huge surge in protest, in community organizing, in Bern’ers and other progressives stepping up their activity. There are over 600 Sister events to the Women’s March on Washington this Saturday. Diverse progressive groups are gathering under one umbrella to train activists and plan a way forward for civil liberty and justice. We are — finally — energized!

Bernie and Elizabeth have asked the right questions on C-SPAN this week, holding the feet of Trumps cabinet picks to the fire, exposing their crony capitalism and pay-for-play. Nailing Betsy DeVos, education secretary nominee, Bernie asked, “If you were not a multibillionaire … do you think that you would be sitting here today?” This in reference to some 200 million given to the GOP by her wealthy family. Trevor Noah summed it up nicely.

So what to do next?

* * * * *

Let’s not pretend there was anything ‘normal’ about this election cycle, or about the candidate that has snookered his way into power. Donald Trump is not my president, his plan for doubling down on oligarchy is not my vision for America’s future nor the policies I’ve supported for a lifetime so I feel no need to defend my Just Say No attitude. I will not watch his inauguration, I will not approve his vacant promises to the nation while he runs the board for the One Percent, and I will do everything I can to see the better angels of the American psyche rise above the dark reality that’s being planned.

On a purely 3-D level, when we are not being represented by our elected government, it’s incumbent upon on us to make sure those needs garner attention and public support, especially when they are as critical as are our social and political challenges today. That’s what’s next, for all of us who believe in social democracy.

On a 5-D level, we’ve already done the wake-up work, my dears. We’ve shaken ourselves to our core. We’ve lost our comfort zones and exhausted our fears. Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and work FOR what we want, and we can do that by standing up for that vision, as opposed to what Trump and his people hope to achieve.

The Tea Party movement made a big noise and look what happened. Yes, they were well funded by the Koch’s (who are no doubt celebrating the morphing of America into a corporate entity, for profit and for sale) but that doesn’t mean that those who aren’t Trump followers (some 60% of us) are voiceless — not unless we’re also spineless.

This is now all about what is ethical, authentic to our instincts and spiritual understanding, and respectful of the world we came to serve (or, as Edgar Cayce warned us, we will suffer.) It will take our commitment to make it so.

That’s what we came for, that’s why we’ve systematically stripped the veneer of safety and ease off our circumstances for more than a decade and that’s why we’re all — even those who put their hands over their ears and scream LA-LA-LA — finally aware of what’s going on around us.

Barbara Koehler wrote this recently, as comment at Starlight News (under barbk, 12/31, 4:41 p.m.) and it shines:

“It had been a process then; the world, and specifically the U.S. citizenry had been pummeled and churned into an alchemy blend of feelings and thought just ripe for new awareness. As transiting Uranus stationed direct on the U.S. Chiron while opposing transiting Jupiter in Libra conjunct the U.S. Juno, we begin to understand the pain of inequality.

“As transiting Neptune has squared the U.S. Uranus and conjoined the U.S. Ceres and Nessus, our blinders have been removed and we (as a whole) now witness the shock of delayed recognition of that suffering. As transiting Pluto moves away from his T-square to the U.S. natal Sun-Saturn square, his mission to break the back of the very foundation that has allowed this suffering is made plain to the world.

“It is a new day and now we rebuild what was flawed from the beginning. A pregnant U.S. Moon is providing us opportunities that we were blind to before this election. A new leader is awaiting to ascend to power; the U.S. Moon in Aquarius sits very near his 7th house cusp, acting as his partner (7th house) or his open enemy (7th house). Much, if not all, depends on how the Universe plans to utilize the carni-man.”

Seems to me that the carni-man is the burr under the saddle of the world. We cannot tolerate him for long, nor approve money as an alternative to rightousness (right-use-ness.)

* * * * *

We have all the information we need about what we DON’T want our nation to look like, don’t we? This snip, from a piece by RJ Eskow on the Golden Shower debacle pretty much sums up how far we’ve slipped on the sliding scale of national grandeur:

“About that unconfirmed hotel story, the salacious one that led to the “germaphobe” remark, the one for which no evidence has been presented: The very fact that people think it might be true tells us that we’re in a new and different historical moment. It suggests sordid chaos at the highest levels. It feels like end-state, social decay, late-stage-empire stuff. It’s Caligula-in-the-corner-office stuff.”

And while it’s true, glut of information is not the same as wealth of understanding, it remains our job — each of us — to stand in the way of those who would use violence, hatred and propaganda to misinform us and keep us slaves to fear and powerlessness.

There are thousands of obvious (and imminent) reasons why Trump is dangerous to the public and the commonwealth, and will not EVER have the talent, disposition or moral authority to meet rational and ‘normal’ standards for the Executive Office, but to pare it down to a sentence, and with the slightest modicum of restraint, I’ll quote mild-mannered Garrison Keillor on this topic:

“He will never be my president because he doesn’t read books, can’t write more than a sentence or two at a time, has no strong loyalties beyond himself, is more insular than any New Yorker I ever knew, and because I don’t see anything admirable or honorable about him.”

And that — as they say, will do, pig!

* * * * * *

You Don’t Know What You’ve Lost ‘Til It’s Gone

The Executive Director of the Sierra Club tells us that the next four years will bring “… the most vibrant resurgence of our democracy we’ve seen in decades.” And he’s right — women, people with disabilities, LGTB folks and those facing discrimination for any reason will be out in force. Here are more voices projecting a future of activism.

I’ve said it before, and here I go again: you can’t go back. The Dark Ages are over, even if there are people out there that ache to go back to them. Even as awesome a machine as Nazi Germany wasn’t able to sustain its darkness against the collective forces for love and inclusion. We’ve come too far into a new age of tolerance, breaking open our long-closed hearts, to embrace the worst of human behavior.

Remaining silent is not an option, and allowing our emotions to run amok in resistance is not the metaphysical center we’re working toward. Instead, resisting what we don’t want must look, sound and feel like INSISTING on what we DO WANT!

By now, I think we probably know what that is. We know what we want to FEEL … this ain’t it … and that is the key to manifestation! So our focus must not land, unyielding, on all that’s being planned to victimize us — but on all we’re supporting and contributing toward to make us ALL FEEL LOVED AND SAFE. It will take self-discipline to view the one without locking in, and it will take courage to stand against what is not loving nor humane. And it will take ALL of us who know, deep in our hearts, that we can’t turn away and pretend this isn’t the opportunity to (Chiron) heal our deepest wounds!

* * * * * *

Because chaos is Trump’s most successful brand of snake oil, we can expect a major influx of policy and personnel change next week, right out of the gate — something of a Blitzkreig to keep us from keeping track of all that’s being done.

Back on that fateful day that the Supreme Court decided to play politics with an American presidential election, my immediate concern was that the Republican Party is — or at least behaves as — a one-dimensional beast. Even as it lost (déjà vu) the popular vote, it insisted it had a mandate to change the world in its own image … and did everything it could to accomplish that for eight long years, compromising American values and driving the economy into a deep ditch (that, as usual, fell to a member of the opposition party to spend valuable time patching up.)

Acting on their perceived mandate at the turn of the last century (and because those who consider themselves smarter than everyone else seldom IF EVER check to see if they’re living up to their reputation) they began to eliminate social, economic and environmental protections with a ruthless vigor — and we’re seeing the same thing happen RIGHT NOW!

In my concern that we would not have a list of all we’d lost (to, hopefully, turn around at a later date) I ended up putting out post after post on Political Waves, which had only been a re-print service up to that point. And, although I feel EXACTLY the same now as I did then, I’m fourteen years older and less inclined to become a full scale blog-warrior.

Still, each thing the Pubs turn back on itself (and they’re busy as beavers, minions in the cause of personal gain and ENORMOUS albeit heartbreaking changes to public wellbeing and commonwealth that we’ve taken for granted) needs to be noted because it can so quickly cut the floor out from under how we understand our nation and world.

In that regard, keep this link to the Sunlight Foundation, tracking Trump’s conflicts of interest. His insistence that as Prez he can do anything is bogus, day one, and creating the spongy ground upon which impeachment can take shape.

From Digby, Amy Siskind is keeping a list of the weekly Trump atrocities on Facebook. Here’s just this week.

The Woman’s March this Saturday

The Woman’s March on Washington (aligned with the Pussy Hat Project) is going to rock what is an otherwise lackluster inauguration (which I’ll be happy to avoid and read about later. Like others who have been vocal about their resistance, I see nothing whatsoever to celebrate — so I will use that time to organize resistance to the ACA repeal here in the Pea Patch.) There are hundreds of local venues, worldwide — Sister Marches — that make this protest possible for all of us. Go here to find something you can attend:

Oh and by the way — that ice storm that threatened to shatter the Pea Patch into jagged pieces did no damage at all, not locally anyhow. The uncanny quiet spoke volumes about what COULD happen but, as we held our breath and affirmed Divine Order, nothing did. I do not expect the weeks and months ahead to play out so effortlessly, but it’s critical to remember that what we bring to the party changes the outcome — there is less power in what is being planned for us than in WHAT WE CREATE FOR OURSELVES!

I’ll be back soon, as I can — you need to sign up to follow if you want timely updates. Until then, remember — love leads!



My Christmas Wish

The Pope has called for peace this Christmas — compassion for those who have been wounded by life over the course of this contentious year, and those fearful of the one ahead. In so many ways, that includes all of us, whether we recognize it or not.

In contemplating our future challenges, it seems larger than we can handle, doesn’t it, but as we practice staying in the moment — not ruminating over the past or projecting into the future — our ability to stay in our peace becomes a blessing not just to ourselves, but to one another.

And so today, from my heart, I wish for you all that you wish for yourself this Christmas  … perhaps even more!

And for tomorrow, I stand with Ms. Williamson, below, to help newly co-create our now- fractured world with confidence, determination and — always — love.

Love leads,


* *  * *

The Great Resistance 2017

Marianne Williamson

It’s very tempting to feel sad this holiday season. I know many people feel more hopeful than ever, celebrating the election of a new President and looking forward to better times ahead. I respect that they feel that way, but I cannot fathom it. I leave them to their partying, and pray in my heart that they are right and I am wrong.

For me, as for millions of others, there is a feeling of deep foreboding. From our President-elect’s childishly reckless attitude about a nuclear arms race (the 5,000-7,000 nukes we already have aren’t enough, Sir?) to his chief financial appointee suggesting banks need more deregulation (they haven’t done enough harm already, Sir?) to a lack of impulse control with his twitter account suggesting something more like an extreme use of Adderall than an extreme case of ADD — it is looking like he is a car crash happening in slow motion and the rest of us are stuck in the car.

Beyond Left and Right, people all across the political spectrum are feeling a sense of alarm. In the words of a friend, we are “shaken to the core.” Despite repeated injunctions — from Vladimir himself, no less! — that we need to “lose with dignity,” and simply “get over it,” I for one do know how to do that…but I don’t want to. And this is not the first time my guy lost in the Presidential horse race. I got over it when Nixon won. I got over it when Reagan won. I got over it when Bush 43 won (okay, I admit that one was a bit harder, since he didn’t win). But with Trump, I don’t think I’m supposed to get over it. In fact, I feel it’s my patriotic duty not to. Every part of my being is sending out a red alert. In Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s classic work, acceptance is meant to be the final stage of grief. But we should never ever “accept” something as demagogic and vigilantly ignorant as what a Trump presidency represents to this nation. There isn’t just something to grieve here; there’s something to powerfully and passionately stand for.

Spiritually, I understand that Trump is an innocent child of God. And before he was a Presidential candidate, I found him to be a kind of entertaining American character. But he is not entertaining anymore; he is frightening. He has been elected to the Presidency of the United States and yet he acts like he is mocking the job.

There is nothing spiritual about complacency, and I reject any half-baked spiritual prescription that if we just send him enough love then everything will be okay. If the house is burning, you yell “Fire.” You don’t just repeat your mantra more times and trust the outcome to God. Quite the opposite: we are to live our lives so that God can trust the outcome to us. He cannot do for us what He cannot do through us. The question is not, how did God let this happen? The question is, how did we let this happen? And what are we going to do about it now ?

Gandhi was non-violent toward the British, but he wanted them out. King was non-violent toward the white supremacists, but he wanted them politically defeated. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “God said I have to love my enemies, but he didn’t say I have to like them.” This is a time for neither a superficial spirituality, nor a superficial politics. We need to do more than buckle our seat belts now; we need to rise to the occasion and find every legal, non-violent, and effective way to resist Trump’s leadership. It’s not enough to wait for the Republicans to find their conscience, or for the Democrats to find their … well, you know the word. Each of us needs to find our power. We are citizens, and we should remember that our representatives, even the President, work for us. We do not work for them.

And we have simply made a terrible hire. It’s not just that the Trump phenomenon isn’t “normal;” there are enough people saying that already. But we have to take the next psychological step now. If it isn’t “normal,” then what is it? And the answer, to me, is clear: it is dangerous. His presidency represents a clear and present danger to this country and to the world. But he was not elected king, or dictator; he was elected President. And within our democratic system there are ways to legally deal with a corrupt or mentally unfit leader.

Each of us needs to ask ourselves, “What can I do? What is my internal guidance, that I might be part of the Great Resistance in 2017?” And that is what it needs to be: a Great Resistance. Not just a kinda-sorta-maybe-I’ll-post-that-on-Facebook kind of thing. Each of us has a part to play in powerfully repudiating the abuse and misuse of power that Trump’s upcoming Presidency already represents.

For me, I am hosting the next SISTER GIANT conference in Washington DC on Feb. 2-4, 2017. http://www.sistergiant.com. We are bringing together speakers representing everything from a deeper archetypal understanding of our predicament, to the most effective ways to politically resist it. SISTER GIANT is a good thing, and there are many more things that will be happening as well. But whatever you do, if you agree with my assessment, then do something.

There is a call going out from deep within the American psyche now: to remember the Abolitionists, remember the Suffragettes, remember the Civil Rights movement — and do, in our time, what they did in theirs: see the problem, but don’t just grieve it. FIX IT! Let’s not be the first generation of Americans to be so beaten down by a problem that we lose our will to solve it.

Now, as we celebrate the miracles of both Hannukah and Christmas, let us remember that this is not the first time human beings have experienced a very dark night. And this is indeed a collective dark night of the soul. But all great religious teachings remind us that into the darkened night God always has, and always will, brought forth a light that is not of this world. A light that enters into human affairs. A light through which we find our fundamental connection to a power greater than ourselves. And no power of darkness can stand before the power of this light. It is among us and it is within us.

And yes, the light dwells within Donald Trump. Of course it does. None of this is to personally wish him ill. It is to wish him residing happily in Florida or New York or wherever he wishes, making whatever deals he wishes to make, but nowhere near the levers of political power. He has proven himself something much more significant than not up to the task. Yet while he might not be up to the task of governing the most powerful country on earth, the deeper question still is this: are we up to the task of creating a Great Resistance, and saving our country from the demagoguery he represents?

Let’s not just hope this time. Let’s make the answer as clear as the light of the star of Bethlehem, and as miraculous as the light of the first Hannukah candles. We know who Donald Trump is; the question now is, who are we? 2017 is not a pre-determined destiny. It is up to each of us to decide what it will be.


From Here To There

I’ve been mulling how best to respond to our current political situation, which is, of course, a full-blown spiritual challenge as well as a take-no-prisoners attack on reality. In some ways, these past weeks have been a review of most everything that’s gone before in our ‘wake up’ process these last dozen or more years. The Bushies tried their best to ignore the other half of the political spectrum, minimizing its ability to draw down the mayhem but George, despite his peculiarities and poor judgment, still played by most of the rules of civility. As Bill Maher sez, “I never thought I’d miss George Bush.”

From a 3D point of view, what we’re seeing in front of us today is dire stuff. And this is that moment when it is crucial that we stay as awake and aware as we can be because there’s great danger at hand. We must be the citizen activists we should have always been, making sure that leadership in this nation reaches for the highest vision, putting aside childish indulgences and flights of fantasy. We may tell ourselves that we’re tapped out, that we’ve already done so much, that nothing we do can make a dent in the current challenges but that’s not the point, is it? How do we feel good about our self, feel as if our purpose is being fulfilled, if we turn our back on existential crisis.

Essentially, this is class war and nothing new. As a nation, we were here before in the days of exorbitant wealth at the turn of the century. Our financial houses went berserk in the 20’s, much as they have today. The quest for that shimmering pot of gold that beckons some of us into delusions of grandeur and rejection of all ethical constraints never seems to fade completely.

As for the culture war, we’ve stared down the barrel of this gun with the Bushie’s. Our Vice President elect wants funerals for embryo’s and he may well become president by the time Trump empties his bag of tricks. Our new leadership is full of those who think the ‘little people’ shouldn’t have any rights that interfere with a robust commerce filling their pockets, and they’ll see to it that the screws are tightened around that possibility.

This nation was begun by predatory capitalists, looking to make a fortune. Nothing new there, is there? And we were craven in our greed, even enslaving one another for the purpose of profit. We are still doing just that, calling it ‘right to work’ and ‘minding the market’ but it’s all the same as it always was — one person taking advantage of another, and hiding guilt behind a facade of entitlement and superiority.

Karma sucks, my dears — but it is not without purpose. It instructs. We enslaved, we are enslaved. We manipulate, we are manipulated. We put our personal interests ahead of good for all and will soon discover that the good we seek is farther away than ever. in dim memory of all the racism, sexism, classism that went before — and continued, refashioned for modern perception — it could well be that Donald Trump is our just deserts.

* * * * *

And so, if we are to change the outcome of this critical challenge to democracy — indeed, to the worlds citizens and to the planet, herself — we have to come at this with continued dedication, conviction and THIS time, we’ve got to do it differently. I’ll speak to that later in this piece, but first we need to know what we’re facing.

I had a (rueful) laugh when, the day after I mentioned the US would all rush to look up “fascism,” that’s exactly what happened. Nothing like being a day late and a dollar short, America! Our Brexit moment paralleled the Brit blowback from taking in a glut of refugees, simmering for eight long years as a white-lash, focused through the audacity of liberals electing (TWICE!) a black president. Those who point instead at the lack of blue collar jobs as the culprit discount the notion that people of color are supposedly taking those available, or living large on the taxes of the struggling white folk. “Us/Them” in all its glory. And while I don’t believe Trump to be overtly racist (he’s more classist and sexist) the people he draws to him are.

Ironic, indeed, that the people who insist they are superior to others have an inferiority complex that makes them — like their cartoon character leader — whiners, bitchers and bullies. And THAT is the critical piece of pity-party drek that has made its way across the divide between reasonable humans who believe in decent government to those who prefer chaos. An element, by the way, that Trump not only prefers but cultivates, in order to create opportunity. Get ready for FOUR excruciatingly long years of that, if not under Trump himself, then under his political picks and surrogates. And that will require working every spiritual muscle we possess!

* * * * *

Much like the rest, I looked on in horror as reasonable souls adopted a stiff upper lip in November and pledged to give Donald a chance. I vowed the same, although it didn’t take long for that to disappear like the pipe dream it was — and as an aside, look for everything in this time frame to happen faster than expected, no ‘honeymoon’ for us as Donald zero’s in on opportunities to increase his power and fatten his purse.

Essentially, It took only a day or two of fleshing out his cast of players from the Extremist’s Handbook to have me on my feet, ranting, and one or two announcements in, I stopped handing out chances. Without becoming distraught at the possible ramifications of the list, let’s just say it’s so bizarre, partisan and corrupt it might as well be straight out of The Onion (although SNL seems intent on besting their record for surrealism, one skit at a time) each new selection worse than the next and stretching credulity of anyone interested in preserving something of America’s contract with its citizens.

In charge of education? Someone who is dedicated to making public schools disappear, and evidently approves child labor. In charge of environment? Someone who is not just a climate change denier and fossil fuel lackey but one of Sen. Jim Inhofe’s closest personal friends. Leading the way on international affairs? Three generals from the military industrial complex, one of them nicknamed “Mad Dog.” The new labor secretary — a fast food mogul responsible for soft porn commercials of scantily clad gals eating juicy, squirting hamburgers — has a slew of labor judgments against him and laughs at the notion of ‘livable wage.” And HUD? Oh PUH-LEEEEESE!

Now Trump seems intent on giving us ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, a serious plutocrat, soon to be fourth in line for the presidency; not only a corporate elitist but one who has ties to Putin from representing Exxon in Russia during the Yeltzin years. In 2013, the Kremlin awarded him the country’s Order of Friendship. And cherry on the cake? Wing-nut John Bolton will be his deputy, taking care of the day to day business while Tillerson handles diplomacy for Trumpville

Did I mention that Donald’s notion of ‘draining the swamp’ of corruption means getting rid of anyone who isn’t very VERY wealthy? He says he wants only ‘successful’ people in charge. It should be no surprise that he means people just like himself. Some are billionaires, some are domestic abusers, all are interested in privatizing just about everything and all want government to fit into a thimble; out of the way of the oligarchy as it plunders the market for more, more, more.

Still weeks away from taking office, he’s already insulted China, played favorites between Pakistan and India, invited the brutal new president of Philippines (who has encouraged and sanctioned mass murder in the streets) to come to the White House. He’s made an enemy of the FBI and now, the CIA. And, although expected, put Unions everywhere on high alert. Maher, again: “Like watching a toddler play with a hand gun.”

His tweets will continue because “the news doesn’t get it right,” he’s decided he’ll sit through a weekly security briefing if he HAS to and he’s not only going to continue to produce The Apprentice but will only cut minimal ties with his international interests. He’s already asked a number of leaders from other countries for business favors.

We can, among others, thank the media for raising this loon to power. They made a fortune covering his antics while ignoring both Hillary’s policy proposals and ALL of Bernie’s rise in influence. Not to worry, though — I’m sure they’d tell us that it wasn’t personal, all “just bid’ness” — Trumpville’s new mantra. And a hell of a deal for shareholders.

Meanwhile, the GOP has done — again — what it does when it wins: puffs up like a toad and thinks it has a mandate to rule the world for ‘real Americans’ (which doesn’t include the almost 3 million MORE voters that wanted Hillary.) It’s planning to take away Obamacare (which almost 70% of Americans, including physicians, want to keep) followed by Medicare (ask any senior what they think about that) and then whittle Social Security down to a nubbin because there isn’t a citizen’s right in this country it approves of in its quest for the almighty buck and power to keep the working man in his place.

Donald’s promises, by the way, have not been met as his followers expected, but he’s good at fending off any disgruntlement by — as flim-flam dictates — pointing the other way and yelling “FIRE!” It should come as surprise to no one that he is a corporatist and is hiring “fabulous” people of his own ilk to flesh out a plutocratic monopoly although the half-nation that voted for him will no doubt be shocked, once it pays attention. His con that he was invested in their best interests is already riddled with holes — no Hillary in prison, for instance. And nobody can outrun the privileged alligators Donny is filling his swamp with, even as his base ignores the details. Should they question Donald’s wisdom, they turn in confusion to Kellyanne, who soothes them with 2 + 2 = 5 rhetoric. Well, hell! It worked before! (And nothing is going to work my nerves more, I suspect, than years of Trump surrogates sent out to media to spiel the pap and nonsense approved in Trumpville.)

So the beat goes one — day by day — with announcement of leadership appointments that simply take our breath away! This isn’t ‘looks like fascism,’ or ‘might be fascism.’ This IS fascism — the nation has become a business and the high rollers are at the top once again. And Donald Trump hasn’t even taken the oath yet! (Also known as the first day of impeachment, if God/dess is good.)

There’s one other enormous problem, in my opinion: unstable minds with their hands on the national levers, as defined in this read about #pizzagate. Hard not to agree with the writer, who puts it this way in his article, #Pizzagate Is the ‘Satanic Panic’ of Our Age—but This Time, the President’s Men Believe It

The lurid details of #Pizzagate could only be believed by paranoid people devoid of reason. Unfortunately, those people will soon be in the White House.”

No, my dears — this entire exercise is a bridge too far. Stripping government of civility, stripping citizens of rights and remaking the Constitution in the corporate image? As Nancy Reagan put it — just say NO! If we value any of what we’ve held dear about our country, we can’t allow it to vanish into memory. And we must accomplish this journey through our own shadow side with spiritual muscle.

* * * * *

To start our spiritual ‘tune-up,’ let’s go to Gregg Braden’s YouTube on preparing ourselves for prayer. This requires what I call radical forgiveness. If you haven’t investigated this, it’s a must. If we are to keep balance during this period, we will need to find a way to keep from tipping over. You’ll find other Braden videos there, but addressing the forgiveness issue is crucial to letting go of the charge (fear) Trump and his cohorts present.

A Course in Miracles goes even farther than does Braden, in its notion that what is not of love is not of God and therefore, unreal. Once this is grokked in fullness, forgiveness becomes unnecessary because “nothing ever really happened.” And while that may sound unrealistic, even delusional, we’ve already seen how easily reality can shift with the Maya of illusion running us like chickens, hither and yon.

The deeper we go in awareness, the higher we rise in compassion, my dears.

* * * *

We are at odds with those who hold the power, now, but our ability to retire them can only come as we understand that they are not the enemy. They are products of their class ‘group think.’ Now, truly, unlike most of their followers, Donald and (statistically) a number of his cronies will fall into a special category of behavioral disorder known as narcissism, which is NOT treatable. Sadly, no moment of clarity will change their self-serving need for attention and power.

As for the others, they may or may not be teachable.I was raised in a religious home, active in church several days a week. I remember a young minister who insisted that Christians who had not been converted (from unbelief and various sins) weren’t real Christians at all. It took a moments enlightenment, like Paul received on the road to Damascus, to “get it.” This precludes the possibility that the Christian experience (note that I didn’t say the evangelical experience) holds potential for those moments without doing a nosedive into the dark side, which has been my experience; but still — I do see his point. Sometimes it takes a sledgehammer to break through the crust of defensiveness that’s built around group-think.

The miracle is, sometimes that sledge is just seeing ourselves in another’s eyes, awakening to the voices around us that are speaking softly instead of screaming in our ears — and perhaps, discovering what we thought was high truth to be mere flim-flam.

* * * * *

In closing, I do want to note that tomorrow I leave the Pea Patch for Christmas holiday with my California family — a visit long overdue and much needed — so I’ll be out of the picture again for awhile. Please accept my VERY BEST wishes for your holiday, each of you. Enjoy every minute with those who are dear, make every opportunity to seek the calm and peaceful center of Love that binds us all. Make the silent night one of awareness and loving intent, always mindful that you are love, incarnate, as you were designed!

As well, I find that — especially with things moving so quickly — writing long (as I have today) probably isn’t going to work very well, so I will be going back to my Political Waves routine, which is lots of smaller posts, reflecting both bad news and good along with spiritual options. If you want to catch them, you might check out the RSS.

By the way, I was told not long ago that salting a piece with links was passé, no longer done, but I’ve always appreciated having details to flesh out an argument at hand. I will continue to link, for those who are interested in a larger picture.

Love leads,

Half of the American public has tantrum’d its way into a Brexit moment, causing the other half to — rightly — clutch its heart in disbelief and head for the nearest bar (or medicine cabinet.) We’d put our money on reason and competence. Silly us!

The Canadian immigration website has crashed, and riots have broken out here, there, everywhere. There were marches in the streets, likely the first of many. Those of us who had our fingers crossed that the Latino and female vote would be enough to carry this election have had our hopes crushed by the stark reality of white rage against the machine. And while this turn of events seems shocking, given the ethical and emotional destitution of Hillary’s opponent, the signs for such a turn were long in place.

From the beginning, it was Hillary’s to lose and she used decades of political know-how to keep her balance through the Bernie campaign, the pivot to Trump and the ever-present heat of scandal, real and imagined. Although I didn’t back her play, I honestly didn’t see her make many errors. In fact, her campaign was well positioned and financed, her proposed policies reasoned and detailed. The DNC did her heavy lifting to cut Bernie’s legs out from under, and she managed to muzzle Bill, which in itself speaks to the power of her persona. And if the nation had been playing politics-as-usual, she’d have mopped the floor with the Orange One.

Many months ago I told you it was populism’s turn at bat. And for all she offered to a world sharply divided along perceptual lines, Hillary Clinton was not the voice of populism. That was Bernie Sanders, always a stronger candidate in realistic terms and voter enthusiasm, if not in the Establishments imagination. Hillary won her primary race by a thread and her party learned nothing from those breath-holding moments when her candidacy was in serious doubt. In 2017, populism won the night, but its lower vibration captured the flag.

In the last hours, I’ve heard pundits say that the Dems had underestimated Donald Trump — nonsense. Donald is an anomaly, a cosmic shock jock who stumbled into the right place and time to ride into infamy. The Dem’s looked past the villagers honing their pitchforks, didn’t throw the cards or read the stars or plumb the psyche’s of those who were screaming at them.

Oblivious to danger, they overestimated their political machinery to deliver, despite the warning shots fired across their bow by Sanders. Trump is merely the belligerent megaphone of bruised and wounded nativism, and, as Michael Moore has clarified, over and over, a way for those who live in fear and resentment to flip a middle finger at the system they hold responsible. Here he sums up Trumps appeal:

Donald Trump came to the Detroit Economic Club and stood there in front of a Ford Motor Executive and said: ‘if you close these factories, as you’re planning to do in Detroit, and build them in Mexico, I’m gonna put a 35% tariff on those cars when you send them back and nobody’s gonna buy them.’

It was an amazing thing to see. No politician, Republican or Democrat, had ever said anything like that to these executives. And it was music to the ears of people in Michigan and Ohio, and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – the ‘Brexit’ states.

Having charmed those whose confusion and impotence define them, Trump rose to the top of the charts. MANY of Trump’s followers do indeed appear despicable in their thought process and bias, and — much as Obama infuriated a lot of middle-American’s with his “clinging to guns and religion” comment, however accurate — their hissy fit over Hillary’s one politically incorrect observation highlights that same self-righteous attitude we’ve come to expect from the narrow-minded. To the Trumpeteer’s, calling them out on their rancor and violence, their egregious speech and behavior, cannot be endured, especially from a woman, doncha know!

(Mostly) rust belt men, their last drop of self-esteem drained by loss of job and opportunity, clearly wanted to ‘shake things up,’ and they did. Evidently none of them has ever opened a dropped bottle of pop to discover themselves in a sticky mess and with nothing to drink minutes later. Some, who want to share their pain with the wide world, don’t care what damage they inflict as long as they bring DC to its knees.

Still, I expect the same kind of buyers remorse from Americans as many of our British cousins showed the day after Brexit. But what to Google? “What is fascism”?

As well, the Dems underestimated how much Hillary was hated as both a seasoned representative of the status quo and — let’s NEVER forget — a powerful woman seeking international leadership. I spoke about that often in prior articles, having a close-up look, here in the Pea Patch, at what rural America (‘Murika) really thinks about this uppity, liberal and ‘criminal’ female — a.k.a. The Bitch. Me? I’ve never seen the like, and for so little reason.

One old dude, his Bible open to Revelations, told me that now that the nation is “gettin’ rid of the nigger we ain’t gonna elect a bitch!” Fine Christian gentleman, that.

And that projection of ignorance, bias and paranoia is to thank for giving us a mentally stunted and spiritually unconscious President Trump. The Pope does not approve him, and even Deepak Chopra says a reptile-brained Donald thinks with his penis.

So, to paraphrase Rachael Maddow, yes, it’s real, Trump won, you didn’t just die and go to Hell. Still, Hillary seems to have won the popular vote, the fifth candidate to do so without securing the electoral win, which effectively eliminates a mandate for Donald, though he will still insist he has one. So far, he’s been a gracious winner but I don’t expect that to last more than a day or so.

Every ridiculous and damaging thing we ever supposed he might do, he probably will, starting with unwittingly crashing economies and scaring the bejesus out of not only his own country but the world. Those of us who have bemoaned America’s pretension of exceptionalism and ambition at empire-building might note that those good-old-days are quickly slipping away — a wobbly and woebegone pony in this mound of horseshit, I know. Who’s going to trust us now? Only Putin is pleased with this result. Oh, yes — and L’il Kim.

If you have need to cry, scream or go on a bender at any point, please feel free to do so. I contemplate which of those fits my imperative each time I hear the Blowviator’s voice and watch him raise his stubby little fingers to punctuate one of his pronouncements. But since I suspect we’ll be hearing and seeing a a lot of that, momentary melt-down is only a short-term solution to our situation. A period of grieving is required and we need it; we need to empty ourselves of this disappointment so we can be ready for what comes next.

You know in your heart of hearts that we can’t let this stand, don’t you?

I listened to Hillary’s speech as I wrote this. There were little girls crying — big ones, too. I couldn’t help but shed tears for women’s rights, for the environment, for the judiciary system and the rule of law, world peace and the global village — so much more that has lost a stable platform with this win. As much as I disagreed with Clinton’s Establishment sensibilities, she represents statesmanship rather than cult of personality, and respect for democratic values and traditions now endangered by Trumps presidency.

And while her speech was gracious and deeply touching — an attempt to begin the transition into the unthinkable — she, the President, and others around the blogosphere and in the spotlight, have urged those of us who imagine a more just, inclusive and progressive future to continue to fight for what’s right.

Let me go farther than that. As Winston Churchill told the world, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.” We obviously haven’t tried everything yet, but that’s coming right up!

All the shock and dissolution we’ve endured since George W. Bush took office has been precursor to a moment when our nations worst instincts have brought us the clear picture of what we are, not what we hope to be. And with that kind of wake-up call, the ramifications of which are soon to land like bricks on our head, we have everything we need for a close look under America’s hood.

We are either teachable or we aren’t, we will soon find out. And unless I’m very much mistaken, the Revolution starts now!

It will require the courage of our convictions, speaking out against cruelty and bias wherever we find it, and thinking outside the box to find inclusive solutions to our common challenges. It will take commitment and patience and continued belief in ourselves and this faltering republic that we suddenly find all but unrecognizable. It will take emotional intelligence and intellectual curiosity. It will take the best of what we brought to this time and place, and for this purpose.

And what do we push back against? The kind of consciousness my son reported today, in a comment from a local in regard to report of protests, far and wide. “By Gawd, now we got us a REAL American in the White House and the Libertards are rioting.”

Here’s the challenge: we need to love one another, in thought and deed, both. We need to attempt no vengeance against those who were so easily conned to bring this nation to its knees, those whose anger consumed them and who will be ever more rage-filled as they discover their Super Hero can’t fix their dilemma, and wouldn’t if he could.

It’s not going to be easy. Some of these people are like feral animals who will bite before accepting a gentle touch. These are the people who delighted in whatever new noxious, reprehensible or disgusting antic Donald offered during this long campaign, even those who call themselves Christian. But we must find our commonality with all of our brothers and sisters, and engage them in some kind of peace-filled exchange or continue an uncivil war with one another which is the equivalent of fiddling while Rome burns.

And last but certainly not least, we need to studiously lift Donald Trump in Light, one who is badly in need of a touch from the Divine for the sake of all humankind.

Yes, the Revolution is on because it HAS to be in order to protect what we cherish. A new generation of feminists will be born with the leader of the free world thinking of women as accessories, sexual playthings, denied sovereignty over their own bodies, while the existing feminist movement will find new fire in its belly. A louder cry for immigrant rights will push against the callous deportation plans being put in place. Tax cuts for the wealthy will make even his most ardent supporters faint, and protests against police corruption will bloom as “law and order” replaces “rule of law,” with private prisons enjoying a sudden uptick in stock.

There’s only one thing we can do, my dears. As Amy Schumer suggests, of Hillary’s defeat:

“I cry for her and for all the smart people I love who know what’s right, and I cry for you people who fell for shiny hats and reality catch phrases. She would have protected you. Today we grieve, tomorrow we begin again.”

Love leads,


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The reason people awaken is because they have finally stopped agreeing to things that insult their soul.

So here I am again, just in time to put an exclamation point on the campaign that will be writ large in history as the one where American’s got up close and personal with the soft racist, sexist, fascist underbelly of their primal fear, unconscious guilt and self-judgment. And yes, I’m betting that it will chronicle how the nation narrowly dodged a bullet by denying a supremely unqualified and dismayingly flawed (cartoon) character a place in the Oval Office.

It should not have been a shock that citizens who embraced Sara Palin, those who cheered at the thought of millions of their uninsured brothers and sisters dying without assistance, would find Trump’s naked ambition and hateful rhetoric attractive. Their anger at all that they think victimizes them created a Pity Party, and Trump met their longing for a Big Daddy, a Super Hero that would heal their flagging self-worth and restore their loss of privilege and superiority over those they wished to punish. If they were desperate for a Sin Eater, they picked the wrong demagogue — this bloke won’t even eat his own. EVER! (Loser)

With a Clinton win, I expect Trump to go ballistic. He never did pivot to run a national campaign, currying favor with none but his rabid (mostly despicable) base. In Donald’s mirror, only the winners count. He refused to allow his history to be vetted so that his campaign could strategize against finger-pointers — the mirror might crack if he looked too closely. In the end, his ego will not allow him to think he lost. Everyone with a brain knew it would take both the Latino and women’s vote to win the White House — everyone except the Donald, who considers his DNA a legacy superior to the lesser circumstances attempting to thwart him.

His handlers have kept him away from Twitter for more than a week now, allowing the FBI Chief’s e-mail alert to fester, but with Comey’s recent Emily Litella “nevermind” in place, attention has swung back toward Donald’s general hatefulness and that of his followers. Even the Millennial’s and Bernie Bro’s can’t abide that, apparently. They’re coming out in droves, leaving the Trumpeteer’s to release their cherry-on-the-cake anti-semitic ad, a final dog-whistle to Alt-Right and ageless bigotry. Consider it a plea to rage-filled white folks who resent/refuse the changing demographics of a nation, and whose legitimate concerns about inequality are narrowly processed and wrongly projected.

The astrology seems to confirm several unsettled weeks of shocks and surprises ahead, so gird yer loins and don’t despair. This has always been about awakening — personally, politically, spiritually. And just as we’ve surfaced the dark energies of racism under a black president, it seems clear that we’ll have opportunity under a woman president to examine the mostly unconscious sexism that plagues us. Indeed, it’s already begun.

The man who famously said, “Women! You have to treat them like shit,” is trailing HRC by too few percentage points — even after Pussygate — to dismiss him or his followers. This is an ancient tenant of patriarchy fighting for its very existence. When it became apparent that Trump would win if only men voted, his followers toyed with the possibility of overturning the 19th Amendment giving women the vote. Shame on our sisters who support this, clinging to “guns and God” over their common sense and calloused instincts. Shame on those who coerced their spirit to accept such twaddle!

Speaking of that, the evangelicals are firmly behind Donald, the ones warning women away from positions of power that men should “naturally” assume. Our old buddy Bill Maher recently called them out with a vengeance. Before long, I expect a Women’s Lives Matter movement to light up the horizon magnificently.

Trump will likely contest the election result, he’s already primed his people for rebellion. There may be some violent acting-out, more typical of a banana republic than an American one, but Yoda said it best:

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

There is nothing productive about Trump’s message, nothing progressive about his attitudes and we must guard ourselves against believing that all conservatives are passengers on his circus train. He will leave their party in shreds, as those who should know better follow him to the edge while the truly rational Pub’s will have already cast their vote, hesitantly but determinedly, for the Democratic candidate.

Since it had been my original intention to retire from PW after the election, I’m cutting it close with this post — if God/dess is good, a pre-Hillary post. Since she was not my first choice and I have plenty of skepticism about what she’ll do next, I’ll have plenty to say about that in the future, for sure.

Still, as I decide what I write about now, I don’t intend for this to be all-politics-all-the-time. You’ve heard me say before that our political stand is reflective of our spiritual understanding, so world events will never be far from my mind. But now I’d like to focus more on what we can do to help ourselves, how we can heal Self and others, and how to neutralize the slings and arrows headed our way.

As always, I believe that we, ourselves, are in charge of our future and that our reality can change for the better, as we do. And as from long ago, I’d like this to be a forum for things we’re trying, what works, what doesn’t. A place to share a Higher Road, but not wearing white gloves or censoring the darker feelings that must be examined if we are to find our balance. Nothing prissy here, not my style.

I continue to think of my readers as family, and I hope you’ll join me from time to time. Please DO feel free to post here as you please.

Love leads,

Snarky links, just for fun:

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Samantha Bee interviews Barack

Bill Maher’s interview with Obama

Maher with his Facebook special, ‘Whiney Little Bitches’

And here’s Bill freaking out over the ‘right wing coup,‘ which is real enough, I think, but … do NOT go paranoid here! Everything needs to be taken seriously … and defused in the Light!

Light in the Sky

We haven’t had a Solstice combined with a Lunar Eclipse since 1456, and evidently that was the only one in the last 2000 years. This is, as Joe Biden would say, a big fucking deal. If you can’t feel it crawling a bit on your skin, I’d be surprised. It’s just energy but I don’t want to short-change this moment because it’s profound.

As well, I have not been inspired to write much about this anxious, cranky, Charlie Brown Christmas that we’re having, but I find myself increasingly interested in fully feeling it. It is, I think, Exactly The One We Need. Whatever your holiday tradition, sink into it like arms around you.

Here’s another ‘as well’ — we are long past the time when we need a leader to follow. I know you know that but we still look for one another to show up. I can only show up when I am moved to do so, now, so it’s a bit of a quandary — still, I’m dedicated to the Wayne Dyer concept, “Don’t complain, don’t explain,” so I’m not going to do either, here. Just know that I think of you … my spiritual family … constantly, soothed that you are ‘out there’ somewhere; we are One in a conscious way, as we are One with a world not yet conscious of our connection. Holy stuff.
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It’s 11/11 and I didn’t want to miss this deadline — if you are not participating in the global visualization of wholeness/holism/holiness for our beloved planet, government and daily lives, please go here and read, then open yourself to eleven days of mindfulness. Prepare yourself for an eleven minute meditation tonight at 11:11 Eastern. This YouTube may prove useful, as well.

This window is, I think, about intent — we intend for something extraordinary to happen. So be it.

I missed 10/10 — my dear friend Christine DeLorey wrote an excellent article on the numerical signature which I discovered after the fact; you’ll find it here, powerful wisdom for this moment, as well.

And yes — here I am, at last. You may have wondered about me. It was never my intention to leave you for all of a season and more. Here’s the shortest and clearest explanation of my absence: I didn’t have anything to say.

When I tried to write, I got very clear signals to let it go.
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